On June 28th, a group of 6 archers ( and the wisdom and expert coaching from the Welsh Coach of the Year!), went on "a Jolly" to sunny old Skye for the 29th Clan MacDonald Tournament, a four and a half day long shoot consisting of 2 days of metrics, 1 of clout and 1 of field.  The shoot was put on by the wonderful people at Armadale Castle and the Scottish Archery Association. Here are some of the pictures (at least, the printable ones!) from the trip.

From Left to Right: Gavin Brinn, Nick Dunwell, Cathy Vale, Pauline Devonald (rear), Sandy Ireson, Alan Grimshaw, Joe Lambert.

Anybody would think Cambria archers were used to wet weather!

Fantastic views to accompany the field shoot.

The group relaxing at the ceilidh (and yes, dancing is compulsory!).

This was the first time Cambria have sent members to Skye for a good few years and we are pleased to say that, out of the 6 archers who went, 4 came away with medals and trophies.